Blueface Dragged Online After Telling Chrisean Rock: “God Sent Me For You” 


Blueface and Chrisean Rock may not be together anymore but clips from their reality show Crazy In Love have got social media users heated.

Although Blueface and Chrisean Rock are separated, they are expecting a child together and their toxic relationship is still being played out on the current series of their reality show Crazy In Love

One recently aired scene from the Zeus Network reality show has gone viral. In it, Blueface tells Chrisean Rock she was nothing before he met her, claiming God sent him for her.  

When Blueface told her she “could not eat by yourself” before getting with him, Chrisean Rock accused him of “trying to take God’s credit.” 

However, Blueface claimed she was trying to take credit from him. “B####, you trying to give God my credit and I’m not going for it. I’m taking God credit? No, b####, God sent me for you.” 

When the Baddies South star objected, asking, “You trying to say I didn’t have no divine to my life?” Blueface clapped back. “You didn’t,” he snapped. “You had a backpack and a pair of f###### cleats.” 

The clip began making the rounds of X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, with users blasting Blueface and the show in general.  

“They really just film Blueface’s abuse of Chrisean and call it a TV show,” read one tweet. “This s### is actually sick to watch and I don’t know how anybody finds it entertaining.” 

In another Crazy In Love clip, Blueface tells Chrisean Rock to “get the f### on,” or allow him to “control” her.  

“I just feel like not enough people talking about how disrespectful #Blueface is to #chrisean,” another user wrote. “He is wayyyyy to comfortable hitting her , Taking her money and ALOT MORE.” 

Meanwhile, Blueface still had a few fans siding with him. In another clip, he calls Rock a “goofy b####” for getting seven tattoos of him. 

“Blueface ate her up,” read one response.  

Check out some of the other reactions below.