Blueface’s Mother Blasts The Rapper After He Calls Her “Weird” & “Strange”


Karlissa Saffold says she’s no longer praying for her son.

The family feud involving Johnathan “Blueface” Porter and his mother continues to play out in public.

Blueface and Karlissa Saffold have clashed several times on social media. In particular, Saffold has been critical of her son’s relationship with Chrisean Rock. The latest round in their personal beef played out on Instagram last night.

Saffold shared a clip on her Instagram Story from Blueface’s recent interview with RapTV. During the sitdown, the “Thotiana” rapper made it clear he is not on good terms with his mom.

“F### that lady. I don’t have a mom. She’s weird. She’s strange. I don’t know what her motive is, her angle. I don’t know what she’s trying to accomplish with her outreaches,” said Blueface.

In addition to sharing a video of Blueface’s comments, Karlissa Saffold posted a series of messages denouncing her son. Those Instagram Stories of her essentially excommunicating the 26-year-old entertainer went viral on social media blogs.

“He said F his own son’s birthday and I’m strange, 😭,” wrote Saffold about Blueface. “Boy, I’m not even praying for you no more. Get someone else to do it.”

She then added, “[Blueface] don’t have a dad. He don’t have a BM. He don’t have a brother. He don’t have a sister. He don’t have a granny. He don’t have a friend. He don’t have a God. But I’m weird. Everyone else [is] the problem but you.”

Karlissa Saffold also posted, “This ninja said F everyone but the people who [are] leaching off him. You are the world’s biggest weirdo. When [they’re] done with you, I pray you ask God for forgiveness.”