Bobby Shmurda Calls Joyner Lucas The Master P Of His Generation

Joyner Lucas

After spending time with major labels, Bobby and Lucas have taken the indie route.

Recording artist/record executive Percy “Master P” Miller and the No Limit Soldiers became one of the most dominant forces in Hip Hop during the late 1990s. According to Bobby Shmurda, Massachusetts emcee Joyner Lucas is from the same business-minded lineage as Master P.

Brooklyn’s Bobby Shmurda made an appearance on The Party Starters podcast last week. A clip from that episode of Shmurda putting over Joyner Lucas as a financially successful indie artist made the rounds on social media.

“Why the f### don’t n##### talk about him?” asked Bobby Shmurda about Joyner Lucas. “He can sit in his house and actually make a quarter-million [dollars] a month off his s### that he’s putting out.”

Bobby Shmurda added, “You got n##### like Joyner Lucas, n##### don’t talk about him. I’m always gonna talk about that n####, because he put a light… He’s like a Master P of our generation.”

Both Bobby Shmurda and Joyner Lucas spent time in the major label system before returning to their indie roots. Epic Records signed Shmurda in 2014 as “Hot N####” became a mainstream hit. Lucas released the 508-507-2209 commercial mixtape in 2017 via Atlantic Records.

In addition, Bobby and Joyner joined forces to present the “Shmoney Challenge” earlier this year. The contest offered a $25,000 giveaway to an independent artist who signed up for Joyner’s Tully application.

Joyner Lucas and business partner Dhruv Joshi co-founded Tully in 2015. The platform provides artists with access to music distribution, templated industry contracts, and publishing and licensing support.

That entrepreneurial spirit connected to Lucas is reminiscent of Master P. Many Hip Hop followers celebrate Master P for his career in music as well as his business acumen. The multi-millionaire reportedly controls 100% ownership of No Limit Records’ master recordings because of a then-unprecedented 80/20 distribution deal negotiated with Priority Records.