Boosie Badazz Reflects On Jeezy Giving His Mom $20K While He Was In Prison: “I’m a Jeezy Fan For Life” 

Boosie Jeezy

Boosie Badazz paid tribute to Jeezy for looking out for his mother while he was locked up and giving her $20,000. 

While Boosie Badazz is feuding with his brother and Yung Bleu over their financial affairs, he has no such discrepancy with Jeezy, who he praised for holding his mother down while he was behind bars. 

The Baton Rouge-bred rapper paid tribute at the “GRAMMY Salute to 50 Years of Hip Hop” concert in Los Angeles last week during Jeezy’s performance.  

“That’s my boy! He gave me $20,000 in jail — I’ll never forget it,” Boosie said of Jeezy in a video clip. “He gave my mama $20,000 cash. Boy, that n#### helped.” 

Boosie also declared himself “a Jeezy fan for life,” adding, “I was in jail and he gave my mama $20,000. Boy that s### helped. All blues! I’ll never forget.” Check out the video below.

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In 2009, Boosie was sentenced to two years in prison following his arrest for possession of weed and a firearm. The judge doubled his sentence to four years after finding the rapper violated probation while awaiting sentencing. 

Then, in 2010, Boosie faced charges of first-degree murder plus the intent to distribute narcotics. A jury delivered a unanimous not-guilty verdict on the murder charge. Boosie later pleaded guilty to the drug charges and was sentenced to eight years in prison. He was released in 2014.  

Boosie previously praised Jeezy for supporting him during a 2014 interview

“Jeezy held me down the most,” he told DJ Skee before reflecting on how jail helped him grow. 

“It just made me a better person,” he added. “And it made me understand that I can’t mess up and do stupid stuff, little small mistakes, because they’re gonna try to slam me to the cross. Now, I’m ready. I’m focused. No more ‘Free Boosies!’”