Boosie Badazz Says “DMX Made Me Cry” At Best Live Performance He’s Ever Seen  

Boosie Badazz DMX

Fourteen-year-old Boosie Badazz became so emotional during a DMX performance he and his cousin held hands and cried.

Boosie Badazz credits the late great DMX as the best live performer he’s ever witnessed in person, revealing the legendary rapper left him feeling emotional. 

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana native was only a teen when he went to the Hard Knock Life Tour, his first major concert. Fourteen-year-old Boosie and his cousin were so in awe of the performance, they were moved to tears. Boosie opened up about the concert and the effect DMX had on him during a recent interview on Shade 45.  

“The best person I ever seen perform was DMX,” Boosie said during an appearance on Sway’s Universe. “He made me cry. I was 14 years old,” he said, explaining that his uncle took him to the show. “JAY-Z opened up for him … I saw him perform in Jacksonville, Florida. DMX made me cry.” 

By the end of the set, Boosie and his cousin were a mess, clinging to each other for emotional support. 

“When he said that prayer at the end bro? Me and my cousin [were] holding hands,” Boosie said before adding, “man, we was holding hands crying.” He went on to explain, “It was my first big concert I ever been to … I never seen nothing like that in my life.” Check out the clip below and watch the episode at the end of the page.

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Boosie Recalls Pimp C Pulling Strings To get Him Out Of Jail

Elsewhere during the interview, Boosie revealed Pimp C once helped get him out of jail as a teenager, despite having no previous relationship with the legendary rapper.  

“I was in jail on a.. stolen car charge. I had to remain for 90 days and he came and got me out of jail,” Boosie explained.  

He continued, “I called my mama and my mama like, ‘some guy named Pimp C and these boys they’re trying to get you out of jail boy, you know Pimp C?’ I’m like ‘yeah, I know Pimp C!’ A couple days later, I don’t know they pulled some strings and got me out of there. I did like sixty-something days they got me out and the rest is history.”