Boosie Badazz Says He Can Make Up To $20 Million By Selling Half His Independent Catalog 

Boosie Badazz

Boosie wants to do a 10-album deal to sell half of his independent catalog to provide for his kids when they’re grown up.  

After a career spanning over two decades, Boosie Badazz is looking to the future and shopping half his discography to provide a nest egg for his children. 

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana native claimed that while he gets paid “top dollar,” for his interviews, the long money lies in his music. According to Boosie, he can get up to $20 million for selling just half of his catalog. 

He opened up about his financial plans during a recent appearance on The Danza Project, revealing he still owns the rights to much of his music.  

“I’m finna do a deal on my independent catalog. I’m finna sell half of my independent catalog, most of the stuff that I own.”  

He continued, explaining that he wants to provide for his children’s future, and secure a lump sum right now.  

Boosie Says His Catalog is Worth Up To $20 Million “Easy”

“I probably got 22 albums that’s mine,” he added. “So I think I’m finna do a ten-album deal. That’s my catalog, you know, go get about $10, $15, $20 million right quick, easy. And you get it back in 20 years, you know. That’s when your kids need it, when they’re grown.” 

According to Boosie, he can get back the royalists after two decades, or “you can do it forever.” He added. “It just depends on how much money you want. They got real money out there. A lot of people are doing it.”  

Check out the clip below and watch the interview at the end of the page. 

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Despite his desire to provide for his children’s futures, Boosie is unwilling to compromise his staunch views on homosexuality and gender identity to make a buck. 

“I’ve been offered a quarter-million to go to perform at LGBT community things,” he explained elsewhere during the interview. “Big money. I told them I have nothing against it at all, but that’s not what I push and that’s not what I believe in.”