Boosie Fuming Mad After Being Mistaken For Another Rap Legend

Boosie and Flavor Flav

Boosie hopped on social media to express his anger after he was confused for another rapper as he prepared to catch a flight this morning. 

Rap star Boosie is Hip-Hop royalty and a legend in the genre of music.

Any serious fan of Hip-Hop can easily recognize the Baton Rouge bred rapper, who has been dropping hits for over two decades since his debut solo album Youngest in Da Camp, (2000) as a member of the rap outfit, Concentration Camp. 

So Boosie was understandably upset earlier this morning when he was walking through an airport and accosted by a fan, who mistook him for another famous rapper – Flavor Flav of Public Enemy. 

The mix-up didn’t go over well with the rap star, who ranted about the faux pas on Instagram this morning. 

“I was just in the f###### airport, lady gonna be talking bout ‘Flavor Flav.’ I don’t look like no damn Flavor Flav. I look like Boosie,” said the rapper, who was rocking a pair of bright red sunglasses.

Most of the time, the outspoken rapper doesn’t care what people think about him, but the comparison to Flavor Flav seemed to get under his skin. 

“It’s too early in the morning for this s###. She said ‘Flavor Flav’ and I kept f###### walking. Flav you can’t f### with me man,” Boosie fumed.