Boosie Pursuing Higher Education: Enrolling At Jackson State University


Boosie is heading back to college to pursue a degree. He’s planning on enrolling at Jackson State this spring!

Rap star Boosie has been a lightning rod for controversy over the years.

The rapper, who was once accused of murder, frequently ends up in the headlines – mainly for the wrong reasons.

However, his antics on social media often overshadow his critically acclaimed discography, which stretches back 21 years.

Lately, Boosie is strong headlines for his insane feud with openly gay rapper Lil Nas X, which has led many people to brand Boosie as homophobic.

Well, over the weekend, the rapper shared some extremely positive news. He is heading back to school. In the spring, Boosie is planning on enrolling at Jackson State University.

The announcement was made with the help of Jackson State’s football coach, the legendary Deion Sanders.

“Coach Prime” was on hand with Boosie, who announced after Jackson State tigers defeated Alcorn State University.

“I’ve been coming to Jackson since I was 14, and I love y’all. Y’all love my stanky drawers, and I love y’all back. And I just wanna tell y’all that y’all always been supportive of me. And it’s a big secret I wanna let it out. I’m enrolling in Jackson State next semester.”

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana bred rap star earned his GED while he was incarcerated in Angola Prison in 2013. Boosie appears to be serious about pursuing his higher education.

Boosie said he could not wait to be on campus with the rest of the students so he could “talk to girls with a book sack on.”

“I wanna feel normal. I miss that part of my life. I wanna enroll and be able to walk down the thing and go to class and try my brain cause I still have matter up there that needs to be explored,” Boosie said.

Boosie has yet to reveal what he plans to study.

The rapper, who turned 39 on November 14th, is currently preparing to release two albums: Back 2 BR and Mississippi.

The albums were supposed to drop on November 19th, but Boosie delayed the release out of respect for slain rapper Young Dolph.