British Rapper Calls For Soulja Boy U.K. Ban Over Comments To 21 Savage 

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is catching heat from his British counterparts after claiming Brits lack street cred during his spat with 21 Savage.  

South London rapper K-Trap declared Soulja Boy banned from the U.K. after he questioned the street cred of its citizens. 

During his recent spat with 21 Savage, Soulja Boy said he “cannot be scared,” of somebody from Britain. His comments left some Brits feeling slighted, including British Drill rapper K-Trap who called out Soulja Boy over his lack of “respect” for his home nation.  

 “We can’t let Soulja Boy come to the U.K.,” he said during a recent interview with influencer Billy the Goat. When asked if he was “banning” the rapper, K-Trap insisted he should be barred by everybody.  

According to K-Trap, his U.S. peers stay exclusively in lavish hotels when they visit the U.K., protected by multiple security guards, never venturing into “the hood.” 

“That was disrespectful,” K-Trap said, referring to Soulja Boy’s comments. “Any [American rappers] that’s come and locked in with real street n##### know it’s serious.” 

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Soulja Boy & 21 Savage Spat

Soulja Boy mocked British-born 21 Savage during their bank and forth earlier this month. 

“You think I’ma let a p####-ass n#### from Britain talk to me crazy? You lame as f###, n####,” he said during an Instagram Live rant. “Take your p#### ass back to Britain, b####.” 

21 Savage fired back with a tweet defending his British roots and right to rep ATL. “I been in Atlanta since 1st grade lost my virginity there got shot there in and out of juvenile there,” he wrote. “I went from the hospital in London straight to the projects yall think London is rodeo dr lol.” 

21 Savage isn’t the only American rapper only too aware the U.K. has its fair share of street crime. Multiple rappers have been targeted by British crooks during their spells in London.  

Julez Santana had an infamous run-in with London goons back in 2008 while Cam’ron was later forced to cancel a show, claiming 50 people came to the venue to rush him. Meanwhile, in recent times, Lil TJay was the target of a failed robbery during a mass brawl in 2021.