Burna Boy Responds To Backlash Over Remarks About Africans & African Americans 

Burna Boy

Burna Boy was widely criticized after sharing his views on African Americans having no ties to a home country, unlike American immigrants.

Burna Boy has clarified his remarks after being slammed for his take on African Americans lacking ties to a homeland.  

During an interview with entrepreneur and activist Chaka Bars, the Nigerian artist explained why it’s important for the African diaspora to return to the continent.  

“Let’s use America,” Burna Boy began before saying that any country can be an example. “The Chinese American has a base; he knows he’s from China. Italian Americas know where their grandparents came from in Italy. They know the first person from their family to come to America and start that line. Same goes to everyone else except the African Americans.” 

However, fans online criticized Burna Boy after a clip of the interview surfaced on Twitter, with many African Americans expressing their frustrations over his comments. Some pointed out that most Black Americans today are the descendants of USA chattel slavery and not immigrants, like the other cultures Burna Boy named.  

“He skipped the whole history of African involvement in the slave trade and what that has meant for us. You can’t have a conversation with us without addressing that. So no he didn’t tell the truth he told the lord that you all have accepted as truth,” read one tweet.  

Burna Boy Clarifies His Comments

On Tuesday, Burna Boy took to Instagram to address the backlash and clarify his remarks in a lengthy statement.  

“It’s sad to see that in 2023 there are still such black people who would prefer we stay divided and conquered,” he began. Burna Boy also denied saying all Black Americans are African, suggesting his message became lost in translation.  

“Maybe it’s my accent or something but I never said you are African and not Americans. I also did not say Africa is part of Heaven. You deserve all the Land and reparations you want from America and I’m 100% in support of that.” 

The Afrobeats artist then added his intention has always been to unite Africans and Black Americans. “I believe coming together as brothers and sisters is the only way forward to US black people worldwide,” he added before stating that division is a barrier to progress.  

Check out his statement and the interview that caused the outcry below. 

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