CaffeineTV Does First Pay Per View Show With URL’s Kings Vs. Queens 4

The largest inter-gender card in battle rap is back.

Caffeine TV has made its name in the battle rap space as the first streaming system to offer top-tier battle rap consistently for free. This Sunday, March 19, the company will stretch itself in the PPV space and charge $25 in their point system to watch one of the most anticipated cards of the battle year and biggest inter-gender card in the culture.

Last year, Kings Vs. Queens 3 broke boundaries all kinds of boundaries, rumored of being the highest-viewed card of the year.

This year, the brand took a chance on the model previously used by URL (who sold their tickets for $55) and is now used by leagues like Rare Breed Entertainment, King of the Dot, Battle Academy, and Chrome 23 (who made history charging more than any other league in history at $65).

Fans were upset. After getting URL battles for free, people are stressed. Especially since the news came out days before the card dropped.

Rapper Mike P tried to break it down for people.

People say they still are going to cop the stream and watch the show anyway.

All of the PPV talk has taken people

This year’s offering is set to surpass those goals. The card consists of the following: Ms. Hustle vs. Tay Roc; Casey Jay vs. DNA; Shooney Da Rapper vs. Shotgun Suge; Coffee vs. Shotgun Suge; and Jaz the Rapper vs. Charlie Clips.

“Kings vs. Queens is always a bloodbath, where the very top artists get on stage and attempt to verbally tear each other apart,” explains Troy “Smack” Mitchell. “This year, most of the battlers have history and the match-ups make sense, painting narratives that the culture has been wanting answers to. I believe, like our other Kings vs. Queens, this one will be explosive.”

KINGS vs. QUEENS 4 airs live on Caffeine TV on Sunday, March 19 at 3 p.m. EST/12 p.m. PST. Battles from  KVQ4 will later stream exclusively on The Ultimate Rap League’s App, within weeks of their debut. The URL App is available across multiple servers: Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Samsung Smart TV, and XBOX on Androids, Apple Tablets, phones, and televisions.