Cam’ron Posts A Meme Making Fun Of Megan Thee Stallion Getting Shot

The Houston Hottie has words for anyone that finds her being injured humourous.

(AllHipHop News) Megan Thee Stallion made it clear she has a problem with internet users joking about the July 12 shooting involving herself and Tory Lanez. The violent incident made headlines as people wondered what led to Lanez being arrested that night.

Cam’ron chose to weigh in on the situation. The Harlem-bred rapper posted a meme on his Instagram page that implied Megan was shot because Tory found out she was a pre-op transgender woman. 

The IG re-post from @harlem_kd41 read, “Tory Lanez saw that d*ck and started [shooting]… [I don’t care] what no one say.” Cam then wrote in his caption, “Ayoooo… Da net wins again ‍♂️.”

Around the same time that Cam’ron was sharing jokes about Megan on Instagram, the “Savage” hitmaker was calling out Draya Michele on Twitter for comments she made on the Wine and Weed podcast. The television personality later apologized.

“Dumb b*tch that sh*t ain’t f*cking funny who tf jokes about getting shot by a n*gga,” tweeted Thee Stallion on Wednesday evening. She then added, “And f*ck all the hoe ass n*ggas making jokes about it too I’ll talk about sh*t when I get ready.”