Cardi B Beats Down Tasha K In Court – $3 Million Lawsuit Tossed

Cardi B

Cardi B just won a huge victory against one of her most fierce critics – Tasha K! However, they’re court battle is not over yet!

Oh, we know Armon Wiggins is gonna have a field day!

Cardi B has scored a huge victory against popular YouTube sensation, Tasha K after a federal judge dismissed a $3 million lawsuit that claimed the Bronx bombshell threatened her.

Court documents revealed that Tasha K was not entitled to the seven-digit payout, prompted out of an initial defamation lawsuit, because it had no warrant.

She only produced evidence that made threats to her and that in no way did she prove that Cardi B caused any emotional distress to her (relating to this claim or otherwise).

Originally, Tasha was sued by the “WAP” rapper for putting out false statements about her sexual health.

On her internet show, “UnwinewithtashaK,” the vlogger said several times that Cardi was a drug addict, a prostitute, and had Herpes.

This case is still in the mix.

Here is leaked audio from the courts:

According to the judge, Tasha K also has submitted “video evidence” that shows the “Plaintiff has at least admitted to being a prostitute and as to her use of drugs.”

The court further states, “For example, in a video produced in opposition …. it appears that Plaintiff is discussing engaging in sexual acts for money. In that same video, Plaintiff discusses her use of drugs and about having to ‘pop pills’ sometimes when necessary.”

But as for the Herpes claim, Tasha says that she assessed that from pictures where she saw the rapper with “visible cold sores.”

The judge will allow the jury to decide the case.

Check out the case as broken down by an attorney: