Cardi B Claps Back At Candace Owens For Calling Her “Uneducated”

The Bronx-bred rap superstar has a few words for the Donald Trump supporter.

The feud between conservative commentator Candace Owens and Grammy-winning recording artist Cardi B is heating up again. Last year, the two women got into a Twitter argument after Owens suggested Cardi’s “WAP” performance at the Grammy Awards could lead to the “destruction of American values.”

Candace Owens reheated the beef this week with an interview on the Full Send Podcast. While Owens claimed she could not remember how the friction started, the controversial right-wing pundit took more shots at Cardi B and her understanding of the American political system.

“It’s incredible how uneducated she is. She just got embarrassed on Twitter,” said Candace Owens about Cardi. “She’s mouthing off and saying things, she literally doesn’t understand. I don’t even think she understands that Congress has a Senate and House of Representatives. She has no idea what she’s talking about.”

The Neighborhood Talk reposted a clip of Candace Owens’s Full Send Podcast appearance on Instagram. Cardi B then jumped in the IG blog’s comment section to respond to the outspoken supporter of Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again movement.

“What’s embarrassing is that she tried to get her lawyers to make me do a public apology after she been attacking me for months and try to make me pay her 75K in a month or she threatened to sue wit NO CASE,” wrote Cardi B. “Like how smart you are and don’t even know the law?”

Cardi B was heavily involved in the political process during the 2020 United States presidential race. The Invasion of Privacy album creator had public conversations with Democratic candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and then-former Vice President Joe Biden. After first expressing support for Sanders, Cardi later endorsed Biden for the presidency before he defeated Trump in the election.

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