Cardi B Clashes With Akbar V On Twitter; Offset Gets Dragged Into Mess

Cardi B - Tasha K

Cardi B and Akbar V exchanged disses on social media after their subtweets led to direct insults about family, fights and more.

Cardi B spent hours trading shots with Akbar V on Twitter following an apparent subtweet.

The social media insults stemmed from a comment made by Akbar V on Sunday (September 25). She appeared to doubt the success of Cardi B’s GloRilla collab “Tomorrow 2” without mentioning any names.

“If @chartdata ain’t say it we ain’t believing the CAP,” Akbar V wrote.

Cardi B assumed it was a diss and began subtweeting too.

“Count all the times chart data posted u,” she wrote. “I don’t really like the internet games …My dms is open and also the streets!”

She added, “I don’t gotta @ I can change a b#### life just by a mention….AND YES I HIT THEM DIRECTLY ,I don’t do the internet!!”

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Akbar V claimed someone gave her phone number to Cardi B as both women referenced an offline conversation. But the two continued to bicker on social media.

“B#### talking bout she can change my life,” Akbar V wrote. “ho @NICKIMINAJ change my life I’m on a tape u produced and didn’t know u produced it and showed love to ur dog face ass still cause we was cordial and u ain’t take me number #1 so if u couldn’t change my life with that u can’t do it now.”

The war of words became more heated as their kids became a topic of conversation.

“See the difference between me &u I had Nikkas wanting to put babies In me while I was in the jungle but I said to myself I won’t put my kids in the same hoods I was I raised in let alone ABANDONED THEM,” Cardi B wrote. “u had that choice to make as well not once but FIVE TIMES.”

Cardi B also shared an explicit video of Akbar V but later deleted it.

“Now my kids got to watch this again @iamcardib,” Akbar V wrote. “u dead wrong for that uploading that p### stuff about me again u scoop so low but kool …. u just threw me back into anxiety.”

Akbar V eventually brought up Offset, saying she received a call from Cardi B’s husband.

“Offset calling talking bout u shouldn’t have put me in it n####,” she wrote. “all i got to do is make one call 3 letters #4pf u gonna s### on yourself like u did behind compound.”

The Migos member responded, “Police ass hoe I ain’t called you and If Any N#### played with me get blitzed ask around!”

Cardi B took issue Akbar V bringing Offset into the feud.

“B#### sooo why you ain’t record the call?” she wrote to Akbar V. “You made that whole s### up just soo you can bring my man up to try & bait him to snitch on himself cause you a COP ASS HOE …why would my man call you when I’m handling s### myself? CLOUT MUNCHER.”

Cardi B suggested Akbar V will try to capitalize on their beef by releasing a diss track.

The Atlantic Records rapper concluded, “I should of never argue[d] with this deadbeat.”