Cardi B Considers Going Vegan Following Health Scare

Cardi B is pondering whether to shun meat and turn to a vegan lifestyle to combat her digestive issues after contracting a stomach virus.

Cardi B is considering joining the millions of people in the U.S who have turned to a plant-based lifestyle in recent years. 

Unsure of whether to take the leap and remove meat from her diet, the “WAP” hitmaker took to Twitter to ask her 20 million followers for advice. 

“I want to go vegan but I love meat,” Cardi B wrote. “are vegan meat replacements similar to meat in taste or not really?” 

Fans were divided in their response and shared various opinions. One user was stunned that Cardi would consider giving up her beloved seafood boil. 

“You willing to let go of the seafood boil you LOVE??” She asked. “With all that lemon?? Girl….” 

However, Cardi B revealed that she has been suffering issues with her gut health and wants to make a change in her diet. 

“I had a stomach virus not so long ago and I feel like my digestive system haven’t been the same.I been drinking probiotics and I don’t see a change much,” She wrote. “I be lookin at raw food pages a lot but that will be a huge change for me to do that.” 

Is Cardi B Following Nicki Minaj Haters On Social Media?  

Meanwhile, Cardi B was a trending topic on Twitter Sunday night (Dec. 12) after being accused of following social media accounts said to harass Nicki Minaj.  

“So riddle me this , a fanbase that repeatedly declares they aren’t obsessed with Cardi , spent hours looking through the 3000 individuals that Cardi follows and took time out their day to whip up some delusion .” 

Cardi B did not respond directly but voiced her feelings on the matter with a couple of retweets. 

“y’all depth of delusion will never fail to amaze me. the fact that you guys will make a hundred conspiracies about OME of the 3301 pages she follows like she controls these people is LITERALLY CRAZY” 

“Lmao cardi follows over 3 thousand people on ig….how u don’t like her but you spending your free time going through every person she follows just looking for something to say…mfs is weird”