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Cardi B Could Be Facing 4 Years In Assault Case, Claps Back At Suggestion She’s Going To Prison

Cardi B

Cardi B is reportedly set to return to court on Monday to face assault charges after turning down another plea agreement.

Cardi B is continuing to fight the ongoing court case against her. She is facing charges stemming from a brawl at a strip club in Flushing, Queens back in 2018. 

CBS New York reports that Cardi B is due back in court next week for another hearing. The New York native was given the opportunity to plead guilty to third-degree assault in exchange for a conditional discharge. Cardi turned the offer down, instead opting to enter a plea of not guilty on all charges.  

The superstar rapper is facing charges of reckless endangerment and assault for her alleged involvement in the brawl. A further hearing is reportedly set for Monday in Queens and unless the parties involved can reach an agreement beforehand, the matter will proceed to trial. If this happens, Cardi could find herself facing up to four years behind bars.   

The superstar rapper is accused of throwing a bottle at two bartenders at Angels Strip Club in Queens after they got a little too close to her husband, Offset. Jade, one of the bartenders, is the ex-girlfriend of Tekashi 6ix9ine. She claims that Cardi B ordered some henchmen to rough up her and her sister when they worked in the club. Rumour has it that Cardi believed the sisters, Jade and Baddie Gi, had sex with Offset. 

Cardi B Responds

Cardi B took to Twitter to vent…and to respond to a few people who had some things to say about the prospect of her going to jail. 

“They wanna see a bad b#### do bad,” she said, presumably to those praying for her downfall.  

A Twitter user responded to the Tweet with “You’re going to prison.” 

Never one to shy away from her critics, Cardi politely clapped back with, “Before I go to prison you gone see me breakin more records and making more Ms.” 

Nevertheless, there is one subject Cardi B is steering clear of addressing publicly: politics. Find out why here.