Cardi B Expected To Give Birth Around September 15

Cardi B

Cardi B is asking a judge to delay her war in court with vlogger Tasha K, because the pregnant rapper will be giving birth the same week the trial takes place!

Rap star Cardi B will be giving birth sometime around September 15, AllHipHop has confirmed.

The Bronx-born rapper just asked a judge to hold off on her showdown in a court battle with blogger Tasha K due to her pregnancy.

Cardi and Tasha were supposed to face off during the trial, which was slated for September 13.

However, Cardi is asking to have the trial date pushed back almost two months because her second child with Migos superstar group member Offset will arrive sometime during that week.

Cardi filed her legal action against Tasha K in March of 2019, by filing a $75,000 defamation of character and slander lawsuit against the vlogger.

Tasha went after Cardi by labeling her former prostitute who was spreading HPV and was herpes

Tasha K, born Latasha Transrina Kebe, filed a $3 million countersuit, alleging Cardi B threatened to send members of the Bloods to her house in suburban Atlanta, forcing her to flee her home.

The “WAP” star already won round one against Tasha, after a judge dismissed her $3 million counter-claim accusing Cardi of sending members of the Bloods after her for spreading the salacious rumors.

Now the trial will most likely be pushed back as many as two months since Cardi will need plenty of time to recover after giving birth.

“[Cardi B”] recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child. [Cardi B] will be unable to attend trial on the currently scheduled dates because she is scheduled to give birth around that time,” Cardi B’s lawyer Lisa F. Moore revealed.

Furthermore, Cardi B OBGYN has advised her that she will not be able to travel for a period of time before and after delivery.

The rapper is asking the judge to reschedule the trial to Monday, November 8, 2021.