Cardi B. Hired A P.I. To Stop Aggressive Trump Supporters

Rap star Cardi B. revealed Donald Trump’s supporters have been targeting her family over her support of Joe Biden and The Democrats.

(AllHipHop News) President Donald Trump’s supporters have been harassing Cardi B ever since she has started to use her voice to impact change, specifically the presidential election.

On an Instagram Live, the “WAP” rapper mentioned just how insidious Trumpers have been in their cyberbullying.

One even doxxed her, an internet-based practice of researching and publicly broadcasting private or identifying information about someone.

These cyberattacks are malicious and often times the victims in jeopardy.

So is the case of the Bronx-bomber. On her IG story, which has been deleted, she said the following:

“It’s not a secret that I use my platform to get people to vote…I love politics. I endorse the Democratic Party…everybody knows I don’t really f##k with Trump like that.

Y’all don’t see this because y’all don’t be paying attention, but I get harassed by Trump supporters so much. There are some Trump supporters that are like celebrity Trump supporters. They just have huge platforms and they be coming for me every single day. They be degrading me. They be making fun of me. I ignore them. I don’t give a f##k.

S##t gets so intense that a Trump supporter posted my address and encourage people to DOXX my home. To [set] my house on fire. I had to literally hire a private investigator to serve them with a warrant and arrest this boy (Mind you, this boy was a f##king teenager). His parents were f##king shook.”

The celebrity Trump supporter that she was speaking about is Candace Owens. Owens has been jabbing at Cardi for weeks claiming that she is not educated enough to speak on politics.

Cardi has replied to what she considers harassment by saying that the woman, who came to most of the world’s consciousness when she was on TMZ with Kanye West, is clout chasing.

Cardi says that there is a reason why she speaks out and that Owens is riding for the president without yielding the respect that she deserves as an ally:

“This is the reason why I have to stand up. I pay so much money in taxes. I’m a good American. I don’t bother nobody. My little sister … she’s a good American. She don’t bother nobody. She barely posts on Instagram and this girl could not even go to the beach with her girlfriend… in the Hamptons without getting harassed by Trump supporters.

Cardi has since taken the posts down focusing her platform to promote her businesses.