Cardi B Links Up With Keith Lee To Review L.A. Burger Restaurant

Cardi B

Watch the Hip-Hop artist and the ex-MMA fighter try food from Easy Street Burgers.

Cardi B likes to use her TikTok account to share her opinion about selected meals. The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker teamed up with noted food critic Keith Lee for her latest review.

“You guys know how I feel about L.A. food. It’s not my favorite, but I got a good recommendation about this place,” Cardi B stated in her latest TikTok post.

She continued, “Since this person recommended this place, if I don’t like it, I want to tell them in their face that I don’t like it. So let me just bring them in.”

Keith Lee then joined Cardi B on camera to taste items from Easy Street Burgers in Los Angeles. The former mixed martial artist called the Hollywood-based restaurant his favorite burger place in the city.


Try these LA burgers with me

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Cardi B gave Easy Street’s Jalapeno Monster Burger a nine out of ten. The Grammy Award winner also rated the Bacon Grill Onion Burger a seven out of ten.

Earlier this month, Cardi referenced Keith Lee while tasting a cooked duck egg embryo known as balut. For that viral video, she borrowed Lee’s catchphrase, “I got it, let’s try it and rate it from one to ten.”

Cardi B has also gained online attention in recent days for her new “Enough (Miami)” single. The song’s official music video has already racked up 4.3 million YouTube views in three days.