Cardi B Praises Megan Thee Stallion As A Rapper: She Got That Voice

Tip sat down with Bardi and Chano for his podcast.

(AllHipHop News) Episodes 5-7 of Rhythm + Flow hit Netflix today (September 16). Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, and Tip “T.I.” Harris connected in order to chat ahead of the “Cyphers, Rap Battles & Music Videos” editions of the series.

Tip invited Cardi and Chance to appear on his expediTIously podcast. The conversation covered various topics including evaluating the Rhythm + Flow contestants. In particular, Cardi discussed the difficulties of pushing a female artist to stardom.

“Everybody looked at me pretty hard when it comes to judging the women, and I was a little bit tougher on them because it’s really tough to break a female artist… and expensive,” said Cardi. “You just have to have the total package. Not only that, you have to have that voice. A lot of females can rap, but they don’t have that voice that sticks. That’s something that is very important.”

The Grammy winner continued, “There are a lot of female rappers that are really good. People always be saying in comments, ‘This girl been rapping longer than Cardi. This girl raps better than Cardi. She looks good. She got the total package but she hasn’t made it yet. Why not?’ Maybe the girl don’t have that voice that sticks.”

While Cardi suggested it can be hard for women to cut through in the Hip Hop space, this year has seen several female rappers make waves with their music. For example, Megan Thee Stallion was one of the breakout acts of 2019. The founder of the Hot Girl Summer movement got a shout out from the Bardi Gang leader on expediTIously.

“Look at Megan Thee Stallion. She got that voice that sticks. Not only do she rap good – a lot of girls rap good – but she got that voice and she got that confidence that sticks. So now, there’s no excuse for it,” Cardi told Tip. Hot Girl Meg has had nice words for the “Money” performer as well. The Houston native expressed her desire to collaborate with Cardi B.