Cardi B Responds To People Questioning If She Is A Black Woman

The self-described Afro-Latina was brought into the Gina Rodriguez controversy.

(AllHipHop News) Back in June, Cardi B posted a video addressing her race and ethnicity. The Rhythm + Flow star said, “It’s like, ‘Cardi’s Latin, she’s not Black.’ And it’s like, ‘Bro, my features don’t come from f*cking white people f*cking, okay?’ And they always wanna race-bait when it comes to me. That’s why I have Afro features.”

This week, the Dominican/Trinidadian-American’s name was once again brought up in a discussion about race. Puerto Rican actress Gina Rodriguez had to apologize for rapping the word “n*gga” in an Instagram video, and some critics questioned why Cardi B is allowed to rap “n*gga” in songs but Rodriguez is being called out for saying it. 

There are Black people that believe only other Black people are permitted to use “n*gga” in any situation, so Cardi’s race and ethnicity play a part in the public perception about her lyrics. On Thursday morning, the entertainer born Belcalis Almánzar responded to a specific Twitter user that claimed she never accepted being a Black woman. Cardi asked, “How do you act like a Black woman? How do Black women act?”

Cardi then retweeted an old clip of herself talking about following “pro-Black pages” that taught her how to style her hair and embrace self-love. The new tweet read, “But the crazy sh*t is when I did videos like this, people used to say are you black ‘but you speak Spanish’ so I just started saying I’m [Carribean] cause [I] had to always argue and then people started claiming that I don’t claim my blackness. [It’s] like it’s always [an] L.”

In a separate tweet, the Grammy winner added, “And I don’t want to hear nobody saying this sh*t is new cause I [wasn’t] even [on] Love & Hip Hop had my f*cked up teeth, still stripping and living in the Bronx here.”