Cardi B Warns Chrisean Rock Not To Ignore Postpartum Depression Signs  

Cardi B

Cardi B offered some advice to new mommy Chrisean Rock after the reality TV starlet welcomed her son earlier this month.  

Cardi B has shared some advice with new mom Chrisean Rock after the reality TV starlet welcomed her first child earlier this month. 

The Hip-Hop superstar has two kids with Offset, who is also a father to 3 other children from a previous relationship, so she has plenty of valuable experience to offer.  

While out in New York, she stopped to talk to TMZ, who asked her if she had any advice for her fellow celeb mom. According to Cardi B, Chrisean Rock should be aware of the signs of postpartum depression and take steps to avoid it.  

Cardi warned Rock that postpartum depression can be difficult to detect and that life as a new mom can be overwhelming, so take time out for yourself.  

“What I would advise is that whenever you start to feel emotional, that means, you might not think it’s postpartum, but it’s postpartum,” Cardi shared. “So when that happens, go outside, take a breather, go drink some coffee, go eat some lunch on your own. When you’re a new mom, the new schedule overwhelms you. So, just do something that calms you down, and that’s peaceful.” 

Check out the video below.

CDC research shows that about 1 in 8 women experience symptoms of postpartum depression. They advise mothers to talk to their healthcare provider if experiencing emotional changes or think they may be depressed. 

Chrisean Rock gave birth to her son with Blueface, Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr., on September 3, following a tumultuous pregnancy. The former couple have since disagreed on parenting their son, including his name. However, they do seem on one accord regarding his faith.  

The “Thotiana” rapper praised his ex for dedicating their son to Christ during a ceremony at her hometown church over the weekend.