Gorilla Stone Crack Dealer/Gun Runner Sends Letter To Judge Asking For Mercy

Casanova Bond

A member of the feared Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation just wrote a letter to a judge, asking for mercy as he prepares to be sentenced to prison!

An associate of rapper Casanova, one of the 18 Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation members charged in a RICO indictment, is pleading with a judge for mercy.

Jordan “Flow” Ingram was indicted with Casanova and other members of Gorilla Stone in a sweeping indictment in December of 2020.

Ingram is accused of distributing large amounts of crack cocaine around Peekskill, New York, along with the gang’s alleged Godmother, Naya “Baby” Austin.

He is also charged with the violent robbery of a rival gang member in Peekskill in June 2020, along with another Gorilla Stone member named Dezon “Blakk” Washington.

The Feds also claimed Ingram was one of the main suppliers of guns for the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation.

In July of 2021, Ingram decided to accept a plea deal in hopes of avoiding a mandatory sentence of at least two decades.

He recently wrote a letter to Judge Philip Halpern asking for leniency and apologizing for the error of his ways, for associating with the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation.

“I only want to say that I am standing now as a young adult who is taking full responsibilities for my own actions. Most of the charges I have been given does not fully pertain to myself. I do admit that I have done wrong and apologize for any damage I may have helped cause with the people I had previously associated with,” Ingram told Judge Halpern. 

“I honestly want the court to take into consideration that I had a few bumps with the penal system but nothing of this measure. I am still finding my place in society. One thing I am certain of is that this is not where I see myself. People I looked up to in the past has been leading me astray and this process has opened my eyes to the dangers I may have [caused] if my life was to continue down the path it was leading.”

Ingram did not mention anyone by name. 

Nevertheless, Ingram said he was blinded by peer pressure and a need to fit in as he asked Judge Halpern for mercy since he was facing a mandatory minimum of 22 years in prison before accepting a plea deal.

“I believe that most of the time I was doing it to be in good grace of my friends/associates. I say associates because I realized that we may all been used [for] someone else’s gain. The love I thought I had with the people I was around may or may not have been genuine. But I realized that it’s not worth the cost.”

So far, Ingram and at least five other members of The Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation have accepted plea deals rather than facing hefty prison sentences.

As AllHipHop reported, rap star Casanova has pleaded not guilty to several serious charges, including possession of controlled substances, possession of weapons, and attempted murder in Florida.