Casanova Loses Visitation Rights For Taking TikTok #Junebugchallenge In Jail


Casanova got himself into trouble in the Westchester, County jail for participating in a viral social media challenge. 

Casanova has managed to get himself into more trouble and it’s all thanks to a viral dance challenge.

Last week, a clip of Casanova surfaced doing the #Junebugchallenge from his cell in the Westchester County Jail.

The rap star is currently being held without bail, for allegedly dealing marijuana, and crack with the United Gorilla Stone Nation. 

Casanova appeared in good spirits when he did the dance challenge even though he’s facing 15 years to life in prison for allegedly racketeering with the gang. 

An unidentified female recorded Casanova dancing during a video visit, which was then disseminated on social media, quickly going viral. 

Casanova was reprimanded over the video because recording or screenshotting images of inmates are strictly prohibited.

As a result, Casanova has lost his video visitation privileges. 

“I’m happy to say we don’t have a lot of issues with video visits because inmates know it’s a privilege, not a right,” Westchester Correction Commissioner Joseph Spano told the Westchester Journal News. 

The rapper is also facing internal charges for not wearing a mask in a picture next to another inmate. 

Casanova will be locked up for the foreseeable future. 

On January 28th, a judge ruled the rap star was too dangerous to be released despite the $2.5 million bail package he put together in an attempt to be freed.

According to court documents, Casanova’s next hearing along with other members of the United Gorilla Stone Nation is in May.