Casanova Tells The Story Of A$AP Rocky Having To Fight While Locked Up At Rikers Island (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Casanova is becoming one of the leading new voices emerging from New York City.

The Brooklyn native gained traction with his “Don’t Run” track, and he signed to Memphis Bleek’s Warehouse Music Group.

Casanova also made headlines when A$AP Rocky spoke about how the fellow New Yorker helped him during his 2-week stint in jail at Rikers Island as a teenager.

During a sit down with The Breakfast Club, Casanova gave his side of the Rikers story.

“He was in the bullpen, this was before he was A$AP. I just looked at him and he looked stressed,” recalled the Flatbush-bred artist. “I had my Air Max on and some Diesels. He was like, ‘Yo, where’d you get those sneakers. They took mine.’ I was like, ‘I’ve been through this like four times. How you doing? You alright?'”

Casanova went on to talk about giving Rocky advice on how to survive behind bars.

According to Cas, there’s an unwritten rule at Rikers that causes inmates not to sit on the “iron horse” table or in another inmate’s chair.

“So I’m standing up eating my food, just looking at everybody. A$AP sits down. I say, ‘Get up. Don’t sit on that. Come on,'” explained the Be Safe Tho mixtape creator. “He got into an altercation over soup or something, and he was flexing. He was arguing with son.”

Casanova stated how Rocky was then surrounded by several men before he stepped up to block the 16-year-old from getting jumped.

“[I said,] ‘None of y’all not touching him. He’s gonna go in there and have a fight,” said the rhymer. “He goes out. He put in work… He won. That’s how I knew I could f-ck with him after that.”

The two East Coast rappers re-connected years later after A$AP Rocky became a chart-topping peformer.