Cashout Ace Family Goes Into Hiding After Rapper Is Shot In The Head

Upcoming Houston rapper Cashout Ace was shot in the head during his video shoot, where two men were also killed.

(AllHipHop News) Cashout Ace is recovering although unfortunately, he still has a bullet is still lodged in his head.

The upcoming “Chibada” rapper was ambushed by gunfire when he was shooting a music video on December 3. Two people died and seven were injured.

The rapper’s dad spoke with Fox 26 about how his 21-year-old son suffered from gunshot wounds to the arm and head.

According to his father, Cashout Ace, real name Miguel Guajardo Jr., still has a bullet lodged in his skull.

According to Guajardo, Cashout cannot speak and he has brain damage. He is improving slowly but he is likely to stay in the hospital for long.

Cashout’s father chose to hide his face during the TV interview because death threats are being sent to the family from anonymous Instagram accounts.

As such, they have relocated in the wake of the shooting. According to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies, no arrest has been made.

In addition to Cashout Ace, his older brother Abel Guajardo, 22, was hit four times. Two other men shooting the video for the rapper were also killed in the deadly shooting.

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