Cassie Ventura’s Lawyer Reacts To Diddy’s Recent White Water Rafting Trip 


Footage of Diddy recently enjoying a white-water rafting trip has angered lawyers of his alleged victims, including Cassie Ventura.  

Diddy’s recent river rafting trip has drawn a response from Cassie Ventura’s lawyer. 

Over the recent holiday weekend, the fallen mogul was spotted white water rafting at Snake River, Wyoming. He was captured on video enjoying the rough ride alongside a three-person crew. 

The footage incensed Ventura’s lawyer, Douglas Wigdor. He told TMZ, “I don’t think white water rafting will prepare him for the choppy waters that lie ahead.” 

After his trip, Diddy reappeared on Instagram after scrubbing his page. He posted a video of him climbing aboard his private jet while declaring, there’s “No place like home.” 

Diddy’s river rafting excursion came on the heels of a new lawsuit from former adult film star Adria English. She accused him of grooming her into sex trafficking and claimed she was coerced into having sex with guests at his parties.  

English also alleged her boyfriend and another model were told they needed to perform oral sex on Diddy to land a Sean John modeling gig.  

Diddy’s Recent Trip “Motivated” Alleged Victim “To Ensure Justice Prevails”

English’s attorney, Ariel Mitchell-Kidd, said her client is “even more motivated to ensure justice prevails,” after seeing Diddy “seemingly enjoying life despite all the atrocities he has caused and has been accused of by countless individuals over decades.”  

She noted English and Diddy’s other accusers are fighting “with limited resources” “after being marginalized, abused and exploited by a billionaire.” 

Mitchell-Kidd also referenced reports Diddy is selling his California Mansion. “We are not moved by Defendant Combs’ recent attempt at selling his California home or attempt to portray himself as a man of scarcity by needing to liquidate assets,” she said. “For decades, Defendant Combs has touted himself as an ultra-successful billionaire of multiple businesses.”  

In addition to the mounting lawsuits, Diddy is reportedly the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation in New York. His lawyer is “confident” he will beat English’s “and other baseless claims in court.”