Charlamagne Tha God Regrets Falling Out With Nicki Minaj

Charlamagne would like to repair his once good relationship with the superstar rapper after being on bad terms with her for years.

Charlamagne Tha God and Nicki Minaj were once good friends but had a very public falling out after he said her hit song “Anaconda,” was “trash.” 

Unsurprisingly, Nicki didn’t take too kindly to Charlemagne using his huge and influential platform to lead a “hate train” against her and even suggested he banned her from appearing on “The Breakfast Club.”

Charlemagne denied Nicki’s claims, said she’s welcome on the show, and told her “Nicki, we love you,” during a “Rumor Report” segment back in 2019.  

However, it appears the damage is done, and their relationship may never be the same again. Charlemagne revealed during a recent interview, Nicki is the one person he’d like to build bridges with.  

“What celebrity would I like to make amends with…probably Nicki Minaj,” said Charlamagne. “Me and Nicki used to be super, we used to be really cool. Yeah, I was very vocal about not liking the ‘Anaconda’ record back in the day and, yeah, definitely, probably Nicki. I got a lotta respect for Nicki. What Nicki has done is unprecedented. She revitalized female Hip Hop over the past decade.”  

“All of these new artists, every single one of ’em from [Cardi B] to [Megan Thee Stallion], it’s because of Nicki,” he added. “Nicki opened that lane again. Yeah, probably Nicki.” The “Barbie Dreams” hitmaker is yet to respond. 

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Elsewhere, earlier this week, Nicki addressed fans pleas to reinstate comments on her Instagram posts which are currently limited.  

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