Check Out The Rappers Who Have Bigger Vocabularies Than Shakespeare


(AllHipHop News) A data scientist just published a visual essay comparing some of today’s best known rappers vocabulary to Shakespeare’s.

According to data scientist Matt Daniels, at least 15 other rappers have a larger and more extensive vocabulary than Shakespeare.

Daniels did a statistic analysis and compared the rappers’ vocabularies to that of Shakespeare’s, and Herman Melville who wrote the massive novel “Moby Dick.”

Daniels analyzed the number of unique words used within the first 35,000 lyrics from a group of selected artists.

Rapper Aesop Rock topped the bill, with 7,392 unique words, while Wu-Tang Clan member GZA came in at number two with 6,426.

Outkast, and the Beastie Boys both had over 5,000 which was comparable to Shakespeare’s vocabulary when compared to the historical writer’s same amount of work.

Chicago artist Twista had 4,705 words while Mos Def and Jay Z clocked in with over 4,500 words a piece.

Eminem ended up with 4,494 words.

Other artists who appear on the list include 50 Cent, Drake and DMX.

Matt Daniels made a unique visualization which can be viewed on his website.