Chicago Police Brace For Gang War After FBG Duck Murder

The police in Chicago are on edge after the murder of FBG Duck, as a war between the Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples.

(AllHipHop News) The Hip-Hop world has recently mourned the death of 26-year-old, Carton Weekly, a rapper known as FBG Duck.

An alleged member of the Gangster Disciples, it is asserted by the police that his sect was in the midst of a “fierce feud” with the South Side’s Black Disciples.

Law enforcement believes that Duck may have been murdered because he had recently dropped a video that featured “derogatory statements” about the rival gang members who had transitioned.

They are now issuing warnings in the city “high probability of further violence.”

According to a statement from the department, there are at least four specific police districts that have been alerted. They are as follows: Wentworth, Grand Crossing, Gresham, and Englewood.

FBG Duck was murdered on Tuesday, August 4 in the afternoon. According to the Chicago Tribune, he was shot while he stood in line in front of the high-end clothing store, Milani Boutique.

According to Police Deputy Chief Daniel O’Shea, a black Ford Taurus and a silver Chrysler 300 drove up and four gunmen popped out, walked up, and killed FBG Duck and wounded two bystanders.

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