Chika Reacts To Catching Heat Online For Shading Selena Gomez

The Best New Artist nominee is in the midst of a stan culture online assault.

Chika is known to be very opinionated on her social media accounts. One of her recently presented thoughts about Selena Gomez led to fans of the Pop singer filling up the Grammy-nominated rapper’s mentions with hate-tweets.

The stan backlash on Twitter apparently began after one user asked Chika what is her favorite thing about Selena Gomez. Chika quote-tweeted the person’s question and then responded, “Beautiful gowns.”

That seemingly harmless answer was actually a reference to a viral moment from Aretha Franklin’s career. The late R&B legend was once asked to share her views on a list of modern-day female performers.

Franklin praised the talents of other “divas” like Adele, Alicia Keys, and Whitney Houston. However, her response about Taylor Swift was viewed by some as a polite way to throw shade at the Pennsylvania native.

“Great gowns, beautiful gowns” was all the Queen of Soul had to say about Swift. That response has since become an internet meme as a way to jokingly criticize an artist that is perceived as not having strong vocal abilities.

Selena Gomez’s Twitter followers picked up on Chika’s tweet and started slamming the Once Upon a Time EP creator. Chika’s reactions to the online heat suggested she was taking the backlash in stride.

“I deadass can’t even be mad at the stans. Go up for your queen. I coulda kept my compliment to myself [for real, for real] [face with tears of joy emoji]. I respect it,” tweeted Chika. “Internet teenagers think that fun shade means you dislike someone [in real life]. Chile, I don’t know ha. Some s### is just objectively funny.”

The Warner Records signee later added, “Even tho her fans wylin, I’m not gonna actually say anything mean about the girl (and ask that my fans don’t either). The joke isn’t to be cruel. This was a fun kiki with the girls. Stan culture is part of the sport. Have at it!”