Chloe Bailey Reveals Her Celebrity Crush & Why She Refuses To Shoot Her Shot 

Chlöe Bailey

Chloe Bailey insisted she will never reach out to her celeb crush because she’s afraid of blocking her blessings.  

Chloe Bailey has revealed her celebrity crush but refuses to shoot her shot in case she blocks her blessings. 

The R&B songstress opened up about a man she’s had her eye on for “years,” during an upcoming interview on Apple Music’s “The Dotty Show.”  

“I’ll say it. Michael B. Jordan,” Chloe admitted in a snippet shared earlier this week. “That’s my celebrity crush. I’ve been said that in interviews even like years ago.” However, when asked if she’s told the Creed star how she feels, Chloe confirmed that she has no intention of doing so.  

“No. I don’t shoot my shot,” she added. When quizzed over her decision, Chloe Bailey said she was worried she might block her blessings and refused to reach out to him. 

“God will bring my blessings to me when they’re supposed to be here. When we try to force it, we could block other blessings.” 

As for what it is about Michael B. Jordan she likes so much, Chloe didn’t say but instead began blushing and exploded in a fit of giggles. “That’s crazy,” the host declared. Check out the clip below.  


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Chloe and Hailey Bailey Have A Thing For “Black Panther” Stars

Chloe confessed her crush back in 2020, admitting that she and sister Halle both had a thing for Black Panther stars.  

“Halle wanted Chadwick Boseman and I wanted Michael B. Jordan,” Chloe Bailey shared. 

The “Pray it Away” hitmaker was left grinning from ear-to-ear after running into her crush on the Creed III red carpet earlier this year. 

Her smile remained firmly stuck in place a few months later when the pair ran into each other at the Warriors-Lakers game in May. 


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While some fans on social media urged Chloe Bailey to reach out to her crush, others claimed she would be breaking girl code as she’s friends with Michael B. Jordan’s ex, Lori Harvey.  

In an interesting twist, Bailey made headlines for her steamy sex scene in Amazon Prime Video’s series Swarm earlier this year with Harvey’s current boyfriend, Damson Idris.