Chris Brown Calls Kiely Williams “Miss Amtrak” As Singer Fights Backlash To Abuse

Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s history of domestic violence became a talking point after Chloe Bailey announced a collaboration with him.

Chris Brown raged over the backlash to his collaboration with Chloe Bailey.

The controversial singer mocked 3LW’s Kiely Williams, who was one of the many social media users mentioning his history of domestic abuse. Chris Brown referred to her as “Miss Amtrak” in one Instagram comment, referencing her claim that she had sex with multiple members of B2K at the same time.

“Obviously you are at a point in your life where either you are very broke or broken,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. “The fact you think you have to speak negatively about me makes u look so lame… Your life and career must suck right now. Minding your business would’ve been best. But I guess you don’t have a business or a real job that makes u financially stable. I feel more embarrassed for you and your actual maturity.”

Chris Brown continued to rant online, attempting to downplay his past domestic violence. He claimed he made a mistake when was 17 years old despite the fact he assaulted Rihanna when he was 19 years old. He pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault in 2009.

“If y’all still hate me for a mistake I made as a 17 year old please kiss my whole entire ass!” he wrote. “I’m f###### 33! I’m so tired of y’all running with this narrative. You weird ass n##### are the same ones that tune in every week to see Blueface and Chrisean beat the f### out each other in front of the world. But that’s OK? It’s entertainment? All y’all can suck my dick, disrespectfully.”

Chris Brown also complained about the criticism he faced compared to white artists. He posted multiple photos of white celebrities who were arrested for domestic violence.

“Where are the cancel culture with these white artist that date underage women, beat the f### out their wives, giving b###### AIDS,” he wrote. “Oh. That’s right. They are your buddies. No more fake love from me. Stay out my way or get ran over simple as that! None of you and I mean none of you n##### can f### wit me.”

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