Did Chris Brown React To Omarion Confirming He Nearly Dated Karrueche Tran?

Chris Brown Karrueche Omarion

Jason Lee likely ignited a back-and-forth between the two R&B stars.

Chris Brown did not seem to enjoy parts of Omarion’s recent interview. It looks like the creator of the forthcoming 11:11 album had some words for his “Post To Be” collaborator.

Omarion recently appeared on The Jason Lee Show, and the conversation included him discussing Chris Brown. The Q&A session also covered Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

The episode included Jason Lee talking about trying to connect Karrueche with Omarion in the past. According to Lee, it appeared they were “feeling each other” and he thought a relationship was likely to happen.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Omarion replied. Jason Lee then brought up that Karrueche Tran was later seen with Brown, and he questioned why Omarion had not spoken about the situation. The “Touch” performer responded, “C’mon now, you got to be unbothered!” 

Apparently, Chris Brown got wind of Omarion’s sitdown with Jason Lee. The Grammy Award winner took to social media to address the rumors that his ex nearly dated the fellow R&B performer.

“Mannnn… If you don’t get [your] lame ass on somewhere. N##### be reaching for the [stars],” Chris Brown wrote on his Instagram Story from Wednesday, November 10.

Hours later, Omarion used his own Instagram account to actually show some love to Chris Brown. The B2K singer shared another clip from The Jason Lee show where he insisted the two 30-something entertainers have a mutual respect for each other.

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