Chris Brown Reacts To “Scary” Video Of Alleged Stalker’s Death Threats 

Chris Brown

Chris Brown shared a video of an individual making death threats towards his dancers and fantasizing about getting away with it. 

Chris Brown is sharing his concerns after posting a “scary” video of an alleged stalker threatening to kill his dancers. 

On Tuesday (July 9), the “Press Me” hitmaker shared a video of an individual who goes by the username chrisbrownzwife777. In the footage, the alleged stalker recalls an incident with one of Chris Brown’s backup dancers, at one point mentioning they understand why people carry guns at shows.  

“Man, wait til I get my money right,” they said. “If I gotta join a gang, if I gotta do some mob s### I don’t care.” 

The alleged stalker then threatens to kill the aforementioned dancer and bizarrely states they want to “work for the government” to evade criminal charges. “Where can I legally kill, because I’m coming for you,” they added. “As soon as I can. Might be twenty years from now.” 

After continuing to fantasize about getting away with murder, the alleged stalker claimed they were once approached by Chris Brown’s security.   

“Somebody bust a move,” they shouted at the camera. “Bust a f###### move.” 

The video also included a mugshot of the alleged stalker with the caption: “Prior arrest for assault/battery in Florida” and another photo which appears to be from a Chris Brown meet-and-greet

“I’m not tryna be mean at all,” Chris Brown captioned his since-deleted post. “But this s### is scary!”