Chris Brown Meet-And-Greet Claims Another Victim As Man Leaves His Fiancée Over Viral Photo 

Chris Brown

A man claims he backed out of proposing to his girlfriend and dumped her for getting too close to Chris Brown at a meet-and-greet.  

Chris Brown took a photo with a female fan at a recent meet-and-greet that left her finance so devastated that he broke up with her.  

The singer has come under fire in recent years because of his interactions with his fans during his $1,000 meet-and-greet sessions. Brown gets up close and personal with his supporters, hugging and kissing them and taking amusing photos.  

However, one photo proved to be the nail in the coffin for a man set to propose to his girlfriend. A Facebook post from Jared Jay Sims is going viral after he revealed he dumped his girlfriend because her Chris Brown meet-and-greet t photo was getting too much attention.  

“This was my soon to be fiancee!” Sims wrote alongside an image of Chris Brown picking up a female fan. “This photo has gone viral! This was her birthday present! In my head I was convinced that a meet and greet means shaking hands and getting a signed autograph black n white. picture or CD!” 

In the post, Sims says the photo left him “heartbroken! Devastated! Embarrassed and bamboozled!” and claims he “ended the engagement immediately!”  

However, a quick glance at his Facebook account reveals an interest in “Sketch Comedy,” and it’s possible Sims is just trolling and he hasn’t actually dumped his girlfriend.

Nonetheless, his post has gained traction online, with some users claiming “Chris Brown is saving men.” 

Earlier this month, a woman claimed her boyfriend dumped her after a meet-and-greet with Chris Brown. “My boyfriend broke up with me about a week later after arguing because he felt Chris was too close to me”, she said.