Chris Brown Reportedly Owes $4 Million In Back Taxes 

Chris Brown

According to newly released tax documents, if Chris Brown fails to pay the $4 Million owed, his home and music businesses are at risk.

Chris Brown found himself in hot water with the government following a report claiming the R&B singer owes millions of dollars to the IRS and the state of California. 

Legal documents show Breezy allegedly owes a total of $4 million in back taxes, according to a new report. Several tax liens have been filed against Chris Brown, targeting his property and music businesses, for taxes reportedly owed from 2022.  

The government hit Chris with at least two federal tax liens for taxes owed for the 2022 year. One was for $2,245,561.50, and another for $1,059,967.78, as per the newly released tax documents.  

But that’s not all Chris Brown allegedly owes in back taxes. The state of California also filed a state tax lien against the “Loyal” hitmaker for $739,067.48. In total, he reportedly owes the government a whopping $4,044,596.76. 

If Chris Brown does not pay the multi-million-dollar sum, the federal government and the state of California will come to collect. The documents indicate his Tarzana, California home, and multiple music businesses are on the line.  

Despite being worth an estimated $100 million, Chris Brown knows the value of a good yard sale. He raised money back in 2018 with a “high-end garage sale” at his Los Angeles Home. He invited fans and shoppers to buy personal items, including used clothing and memorabilia, from the front yard of his mansion.  

Another garage sale might be in order, and not just to help pay off those back taxes. Chris Brown recently took to Instagram to explain he’s been forced to construct a “department store” on the grounds of his property to store his mammoth clothing collection.  

“I just built a department store outside of my house,” he said in the video posted on his IG Stories. “Let me show y’all what this looks like.” Check out the video below. 

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