Coi Leray Claims Someone Is Paying Blogs To Hurt Her Career

Coi Leray

Social media users believe the “No More Parties” rhymer’s subliminal messages are about Nicki Minaj.

The fallout from the apparent female rap war brewing behind-the-scenes continues to play out publicly. Nicki Minaj recently took aim at several women with some observers believing Minaj aimed at least one of those shots at her “Blick Blick” collaborator Coi Leray.

The drama began with the release of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)” featuring Katie Got Bandz, Akbar V, Maliibu Miitch, JT, and BIA. It appeared some of the rappers that did not make the cut felt a certain way about being omitted from the track.

Nicki Minaj then blasted any naysaying rising stars in the industry by calling the new generation of female rappers “entitled duds” on Twitter. Two days before that, Coi Leray sent out her own tweets slamming the music business.

“Industry so weird… only if y’all know the half… yuck… Anyways FLY SH!T OUT NOW 🆑😍💘🔥🏆,” tweeted Leray on the same day the “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)” arrived on DSPs. She also added, “Be careful from fake smiles.”

This week, another interesting tweet from Coi Leray raised eyebrows. Yesterday, the Trendsetter album creator made accusations about the media’s relationship with an alleged, unknown tormenter.

“Paying blogs not to post me is sad,” tweeted Coi Leray. Moments later, she added, “What’s in the dark always comes to light! Stay prayed up! Stay focused!!” Leray also tweeted, “Hurt people hurt people.”

Coi Leray then tried to stir the conversation in a more positive direction. The Republic recording artist wrote, “Don’t come over here looking for problems. The world got plenty of them already so let’s promote positivity as much as we can.”

Following the “Queen Mix” turmoil, many social media users assumed Coi Leray’s September 18th tweets were a subliminal message about Nicki Minaj. That assumption also stems from other celebrities accusing Minaj of pulling political moves out of public view in the past.

In 2017, Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Meek Mill called out marketing strategist Karen Civil for allegedly paying blogs to push negative stories about him. Civil was closely aligned with Minaj’s team at the time.

Other prominent Hip Hop figures, such as Remy Ma and Cardi B, also claimed Nicki Minaj would try to hurt her rivals’ business opportunities. Remy Ma’s scathing diss track “Shether” was a response to the supposed “petty s###” Minaj was taking part in off-camera. Plus, Cardi B insisted Minaj tried to “stop [her] bags.”