Coi Leray Rejects “Corny” Adrien Broner For Shooting Shot On Instagram Live 

Coi Leray Adrien Broner

Coi Leray shut down Adrien Broner after he invited her on a date to his upcoming fight, calling the boxer “corny.”

Coi Leray rejected Adrien Broner’s advances after he tried to shoot his shot while she was on Instagram Love. 

The boxer is on a mission to find a new lady. He’s advertised his single status on social media and posted memes about ideal relationships, and now it appears he’s set his sights on the “Players” hitmaker. 

 So when Coi Leray took to Instagram Live on Tuesday (April 16), Adrien Broner decided to make his feelings known. 

“I’m on your body!” He wrote in the chat. He then followed up a short time later with a proposition.  

“Be at my next fight in Miami May 31st at the Hard Rock on me,” he wrote before adding a red heart emoji.  

However, Coi Leray was unimpressed and let Adrien Broner know it before fleeing the live.  

“Trying to bag me on an Instagram Live is f###### crazy. Like deadass. Get the f### on,” she replied. 

Furthermore, Leray spelled it out for Broner, adding, “I’m not interested. That’s f###### corny.” She then ended the Live shutting down the conversation for good.  

However, the boxer followed up on his Instagram Story, and apparently, all is not as it seems. According to Broner, he only reached out to Leray for a date as a marketing ploy for his upcoming fight. 

Now the whole world know I’m fighting at the Hard Rock in Miami May 1st lol,” he wrote. “I’m a marketing genius.” 

Instagram/Adrien Broner