Coi Leray Claims Republic Records Wanted Her To Make Pop Songs Like Taylor Swift & Ariana Grande

Coi Leray

The “Players” hitmaker says the label didn’t support her “Blue Moon” EP.

Coi Leray no longer releases music via Republic Records. The New Jersey-raised rapper/singer signed a deal with Island Records for her current era.

Evidently, Republic Records had different plans for Coi Leray from what she produced for the label. The Trendsetter album creator spoke about those apparent creative differences on a recent Instagram Live.

“I’m not on Republic Records no more. I’m on Island,” Coi Leray stated. “When I dropped Blue Moon, Republic, they wanted pop s###. They wanted some Taylor Swift/Ariana Grande s###, which I can do, but I still like to work on my own pace and my own time.”

Leray also spoke about how she is still working on developing her sound. In addition, the 26-year-old recording artist suggested Republic did not want to put money behind promoting her Blue Moon EP which came out in 2023.

The Trendsetter album dropped in April 2022. Coi Leray’s Republic-backed debut studio LP only peaked at No. 89 on the Billboard 200 chart. 2023’s Coi only made it to No. 102 on the weekly rankings. Blue Moon failed to chart.

While Leray struggled to find commercial success with her projects, the Grammy Award nominee did score a Top 10 entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the “Players” single. “No More Parties” with Lil Durk and “Blick Blick” with Nicki Minaj became Top 40 hits as well.