Coi Leray Teases Transatlantic Collab With ‘Doja’ Rapper Central Cee 

Coi Leray Central Cee

Coi Leray revealed she already recorded a collab with rising star Central Cee but wants to get back in the studio with him.

Coi Leray has been busy while over in Europe, taking Paris Fashion Week by storm before linking with Pharrell Williams while in the City of Love. 

While doing a string of guest appearances on local shows, the “Players” hitmaker has also been hitting the studio. She arrived in London earlier this week and hit the studio with the U.K. R&B group Flo. The “Trendsetter” also revealed she has already made music with one of London’s fastest-rising music stars, drill rapper Central Cee.  

“I love Central Cee, I think he’s amazing,” Coi Leray stated. “His music is so fire, we actually have a song together, it might come out one day, I don’t know.” 

While Coi Leray loves her song with Central Cee, they recorded the track a couple of years ago, and both artists have progressed so much in their careers since then. However, she would like to get back in the studio with the “Doja” hitmaker.  

“We made it and the song’s fire but we’ve grown so much since then,” she added. “It was probably like two years ago so I would love to get the studio and make more.” Check out the clip below. 

Meanwhile, Coi Leray linked with Hip-Hop icon Pharrell Williams on her Paris trip.  

She shared a series of images from the pair together in a Paris studio this weekend. “TAKES A TRENDSETTER TO KNOW ONE 👀 PHARRELL X CL,” she penned in the caption.

“Been in the studio for 2 days straight with one of the BIGGGGEST trendsetters in the f###### world,” she gushed. “I’m talking icon. Like MAJOR”