Columbus Short Speaks Out On Diddy Allegedly Trying To Groom Him [VIDEO]

Columbus Short Diddy

The actor/choreographer reiterates his story about Diddy reaching out to him at 2:30 in the morning.

Columbus Short has doubled down on his claims that Diddy tried to coerce him into having sex. The Stomp the Yard cast member once again shared a personal anecdote about the embattled Bad Boy Entertainment founder.

During a recent sit-down with Boss Talk 101, Columbus Short retold a story about his alleged interactions with Diddy. The conversation included Short admitting he partied with the wealthy businessman for about a year.

“I didn’t know that there were other parties,” Short stated, suggesting Diddy hosted additional functions featuring more risqué behavior. He continued, “I wasn’t at those parties. I was at the big parties.”

Columbus Short then talked about connecting Diddy with his acting coach in preparation for a role in 2008’s A Raisin in the Sun. Apparently, that association helped establish a relationship between the two stars.

“Now, looking back, it’s like the groomage,” Short proposed. The former choreographer for Britney Spears reiterated his previous remarks that Diddy allegedly called him in the middle of the night to invite him to his hotel room.

Diddy has been hit with multiple lawsuits accusing the “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” hitmaker of sexual misconduct. On that topic, Short also added, “As I got further deeper into the game, people talk. So I would hear stories but I never saw nothing… I didn’t know they’re ‘after-after parties.’”

Additionally, Columbus Short implied his drink may have been drugged at a house party in Atlanta before leaving the home with his manager. He said, “That was the night that being an alcoholic saved my life and my booty hole.”