Cops Arrest Lil Tjay After Finding Four Guns And Lots Of Weed In His Car

Lil Tjay

The New York rapper has been charged after the cops found him riding in a car packed with guns and marijuana.

Rapper Lil Tjay is ending 2020 on a sour note – he was just arrested by the NYPD. 

The Bronx, New York rapper was targeted by the cops again, just days after a raid on his video searched turned up nothnig.

However, yesterday (December 30th), was a different story.  The cops stopped the 19-year-old rapper in Brooklyn riding in a car with four other people, for allegedly making an unsafe lane change. 

A search of the vehicle uncovered a large stash of marijuana – and even worse, four handguns. 

According to, no one took responsibility for having the guns, so everyone in the car was hit with criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana possession, in addition to a grand larceny charge.

Earlier this week, the NYPD crashed the rap star’s video shoot and detained the rapper for unknown reasons.