Cops Wanted Pop Smoke To Snitch But He Refused, According To Lawyer

More information has come out about an investigation targeting Pop Smoke over a stolen Rolls-Royce.

(AllHipHop News) New York’s Hip-Hop police are savage.

After successfully flipping Tekashi 6ix9ine in 2018, they pushed to get another Brooklyn rapper to turn on his gang.

However, Drill rapper Pop Smoke is cut from a different cloth and shot the cops down each time the subject came up — and each time they threatened him with hard-hitting charges that could have sent him to prison.

According to the New York Post, the NYPD was hounding Pop Smoke, whose legal name is Bashar Jackson, to give them information about various gang-involved crimes at the end of 2019. However, his attorney said that the detectives would always leave frustrated.

“Any conversation with Pop about cooperation was a very short one. It’s something he would never entertain doing,” his lawyer Peter Frankel said.

In December 2019, the Hip-Hop police thought that they had their golden-woo ticket, after “The Welcome to The Party” emcee was arrested for the possession of a $375,000 stolen Rolls-Royce Wraith in Brooklyn.

They dangled six felony charges over his head and told the rapper that they had footage of him near a crime-scene. They used that info to press him about members of the Brooklyn 823 subset of the Crips gang.

He refused to cooperate.

Unfortunately, Pop Smoke was murdered in February of 2020 during a robbery at a rented home in Hollywood Hills. Four people have been formally arrested and charged with his murder in July.

July also marked the celebration of his new studio album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon.