Court Holds Silento In Abu Dhabi; Rapper Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Get Free


(AllHipHop News) One hit wonder rapper Silento is having a hard time getting back to the United States, and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Unfortunately for “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” rapper, a business deal that went awry has left him stranded in the United Arab Emirates, where his passport has been seized.

A court in Abu Dhabi issued a ruling on February 20, confiscated his passport and barred the rapper from leaving UAE.

Silento is accused of being a no-show at several events, prompting a lawsuit of almost $80,000.

A judge in Abu Dhabi court ruled that the 19-year-old, Alabama-born rapper, must stay in the country until the full amount of the signed contract is fulfilled, or the conflict is settled.

Reps for Silento claimed that he never received his performance, prompting the whole dispute.

To push back, Silento has started a crowdfunding page, where he’s seeking $100,000, under the #FreeSilento campaign.

Silento is already apparently getting to work to pay off the debt, since he performed at XL Beach Club in Abu Dhabi last night.