Crazy Legs Claims Sensational Allegations Were Conspiracy Over Olympics

Richard "Crazy Legs" Colon

Crazy Legs said he knows who spread the allegations against him, but he refused to reveal their names on the AllHipHop podcast.

Breakdancing stalwart Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón addressed allegations of sexual misconduct in an interview with AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur. The Hip-Hop pioneer maintained his innocence and said he was the victim of a scheme to slander his name ahead of the 2024 Olympics, which will feature breakdancing for the first time.

“My public apology was to my girl, not to anyone else,” Crazy Legs told AllHipHop. “People tried to flip my words around. They did. Fine, whatever. I should have shut up and just listened to my lawyer. But I felt like I gotta say something. And I got in my own head. But when it comes down to it: if you only knew the s### that I found out ‘cause I found out who set it off.”

He continued, “I found out everybody who was—and it was all over the Olympics. Because they didn’t want me—they thought, ‘Oh, Legs is gonna have all the power at the Olympics. It’s like, ‘Yo, so you’re gonna try to slander my name and do all this s###?’ And if I want, I could put the names out of everyone out there. But if I do that, I’m gonna f### up the scene so badly for everyone. Because there’s some pieces of s### that should be in jail right now that try to say s### about me.”

Crazy Legs insisted he “never touched anyone” in response to his alleged sexual misconduct. He told AllHipHop he knew the people responsible for spreading the accusations against him, but he would not reveal their names.

“I have somebody in a very powerful position … They were finding out all these fake pages,” he said. “And they were finding out that and Wikipedia had the same coding but different names as the posts. And then we found out—for me, when it comes to street s### or war, I have a long game. I know when to shut up and let s### play out. I found out that the person doing the and f###### with the Wikipedia was a dude from Chicago. And he was doing it with a girl from New York. And these are people who are vying to be on some sort of governing board for national qualifiers in the United States.”

Crazy Legs also revealed his own allegations of sexual misconduct against one of his accusers.

“The crazy s### is the girl who was moving in silence and thought I would never find out—because actually, somebody snitching on them ‘cause they had a falling out with one of their friends,” he said. “They came over to me. ‘Oh yeah, these two started it.’ And then I had girls coming, ‘Oh yeah, they called me up to see if I could say this about you. And if you ever go to court, I’ll go on the stand for you.’ And so the funny thing is that one of the girls is a straight-up groomer.”

He added, “And I know this: she’s also a molester because I know because we were on tour together and she jumped in the shower with another girl that was on tour with us. And we had to separate their rooms because she tried to take advantage of the girl in the shower. And she’s actually still at the forefront of some of the s### that’s going on within the dance scene.”

Crazy Legs said he contemplated suicide when he was accused of sexual misconduct in 2020. But he refused to expose any names, fearing how it may affect other breakdancers.

“I’m thinking about all the kids that this is gonna mess it up for with breaking going to the Olympics,” he said. “It had to be bigger than me. And that was tough to deal with … You’re looking at the worst thoughts you could think of and those went through my head, from revenge to offing myself.”

Check out AllHipHop’s interview with Crazy Legs below.