DaBaby Announces “Live Show Killa” Tour Amid Renewed Controversy


DaBaby announced his 22-date tour yesterday while the controversy surrounding his Rolling Loud NY appearance with 50 Cent continues.

DaBaby announced a tour in partnership with Rolling Loud yesterday, (Nov 3.) after a summer of being “canceled.” The “Rockstar” rapper faced heavy backlash after making homophobic comments during his set at Rolling Loud Miami in the summer. 

DaBaby took to social media to announce the “Live Show Killa” tour with the provocative caption “THE SHOW YOU THOUGHT YOU’D NEVER SEE AGAIN.” 

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The tour will see DaBaby touch down in 22 cities across the country over the next four months. 

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According to TMZ, a Rolling Loud representative revealed, “RL supports second chances and believes DaBaby has grown and learned from his experience, and everyone will be welcome at the shows.” 

However, the controversy surrounding DaBaby isn’t over. He first returned to the Rolling Loud stage in New York last month as a guest of 50 Cent.   

Social media users questioned the controversial artists’ return to the festival despite any apologies he issued. Gwendolyn D. Clemons, the CEO of Relationship Unleashed, an advocacy group centered around the experiences of the Black LQBTQ community spoke to TMZ about DaBaby’s appearance, sparking its own debate. 

TMZ initially reported Clemons “and her cohorts at the nonprofit approve of DB’s appearance at Rolling Loud NY last week — and any future concerts — as they feel he’s learned a lot over the past few months.” They went on to say Clemons believes Relationship Unleashed and 100+ other advocacy groups educated DaBaby in their conversations with him and he now sees why he was wrong.   

Clemons Accused TMZ Of Misrepresenting Her Comments About DaBaby

However, according to Clemons, TMZ misrepresented her emailed remarks leading to Relationship Unleashed issuing a statement clarifying her remarks:  

“Our organization stands on strong principles of being defenders of the LGBTQIA Community and nothing has changed,” Relationship Unleashed wrote in the Instagram post. “Our comments to a brief question was grossly misquoted and intentionally framed in a click baiting headline to drive traffic to TMZ. … We vehemently deny this assertion and the reporting does not align with our values or mission.” 

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They go on to say they have contacted TMZ numerous times to attempt to get them to “retract, correct, or delete this erroneous story.”  

TMZ has since published what they claim is Clemons’ entire unedited email