DaBaby Returns to Rolling Loud Stage Courtesy Of 50 Cent

DaBaby was “cancelled” following his homophobic comments at Rolling Loud Miami, now he returns to the RL stage during Fiddy’s set.

The audience at Rolling Loud New York was surprised during 50 Cent’s set as he brought DaBaby onstage for a guest performance.  

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The unexpected appearance came after DaBaby has faced months of internet backlash following his homophobic remarks made at Rolling Loud Miami back in July. 

Though the New York crowd cheered and welcomed his performance, even hoisting him up when DaBaby went crowd surfing, some social media users were less impressed.  

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Social Media Reacts

Social media was divided as both fans of DaBaby and enraged social media users took to Twitter to express their opinions on the “cancelled” rapper.   

TMZ reports Rolling Loud was aware of DaBaby’s surprise appearance and apparently shared a snippet of the pair on stage. However, the live stream was reportedly cut before the “BOP” rapper emerged.   

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So y’all knew he was bringing out Dababy and cut the stream? Why else would 50 stream end and y’all act like nothing happened…. 

50 Cent Speaks In Defense of DaBaby

50 Cent came out in defense of DaBaby at the height of the criticism against him. During an interview with E! News Fiddy said, “Remember they cancelled Chris Brown, five, six times? He just transitioned from being in that pool that everyone’s in, as a rap artist.” 

He added, “They didn’t notify him that he’s turning into a superstar. There’s nobody that tells you, ‘now you’re being held to these standards that are mainstream standards that you can’t say things, you can’t do these different things.’ He’s just two years into his career, there’s no artist development, no A&R … and he’s definitely had no media training.” 

Additionally, last month, 50 shared a clip of Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” discussing DaBaby and cancel with the caption:

“Dave Chappelle is a funny mother f##### that was flawless. Hip hop loves things that are damaged, that’s the beauty of the culture. @dababy is on a new path music has changed everything. LOL.”

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