DaBaby Arrested For Carrying Gun On Rodeo Drive


DaBaby’s shopping spree was ruined, when someone inside of the Montcler store told the cops his crew was carrying weapons. 

Rap star DaBaby landed in trouble in Beverly Hills earlier today (January 7th).

The rapper was enjoying shopping inside of the Montcler store on Rodeo Drive when the incident unfolded.

As he was being hounded by paparazzi as he sat in his SUV, cops rolled up on the scene and made the rapper roll down his window.

Someone inside of the Montcler store reported that the rapper and his entourage had weapons on them. 

The cops eventually forced DaBaby and three of his friends out of the vehicle and a search of their SUV turned up a gun. 

According to TMZ, the baby was booked for carrying a loaded firearm which is a misdemeanor.